I Like to Move It Move It!

                               Thrive Nutrition Practice: Detoxing through Movement

                               Thrive Nutrition Practice: Detoxing through Movement


We are big fans of the movie Madagascar in this house and there are few things I love more that watching my girls "shake it" to this legendary tune.

Immunity isn't just about nutrition.  It's about sweating.

(And I don't mean in the sauna!)

You can drink all the orange juice in the world but if you're not breaking a sweat a few times a week, your body will eventually become less and less efficient at detoxing its waste.  And the more waste you have circulating in your body, the higher your chances of getting ill.

Daily elimination is key to immunity and working out is key.    But you must replenish your body with the protein and minerals it needs to repair and regenerate.

Now, most nutrition blogs would insert a smoothie here with a protein powder as the post-workout food of choice.  But I generally find that if I have a  full-on protein powder smoothie after a workout, I've killed my appetite for my next main meal.

So instead of having smoothie, I have:

A banana with some raw almonds and at least 750ml of lemon water.


Doesn't sound particularly blog worthy does it?  ....or does it??


First of all - let me just point out what this post work-out snack is NOT:

  • It's NOT a so-called protein-filled, post workout granola bar.  That's just a sugar bomb. And a marketing gimmick.
  • It's NOT expensive.  You don't need the latest powerful blender.  You don't need the latest protein powder, superfood green powder or any other expensive superfood.
  • It's NOT going to make you fat.  Refined sugar and carbs make you fat because they mess with your blood sugar and insulin response.

Now, let me tell you what it IS?

  • It is hydrating because your body needs to replenish the water it lost during a workout to perform all of its functions and help you digest your meals.  And that lemon in the water is going to take your body from it's post-workout "acidic" state, to a lovely alkaline state, primed for healthy digestion.
  • It is full of electrolytes and other essential minerals that your body loses during a workout.  Bananas are a rich source of potassium among many of other minerals; and filling enough for a post-work out snack that's just going to get you to your next meal without a slump.
  • It is protein rich.  Almonds are a great source of protein and come with healthy unsaturated fats which are going to help your body absorb the minerals from the banana better.  And our body needs protein after a workout to repair and rebuild our muscles.
  • It's perfect for the whole family. And I think this is my favourite point because this kind of food directs children's attention away from the "wrapped snack" and back to the world of whole foods.  Developing that instinct to turn to whole foods is KEY to boosting our immunity in a sustainable way.  

Immunity lies in whole foods as Mother Nature made them.

I'm off for a run!  

Thrive's on holiday next week but I'll be back with the results of our Facebook poll and the best nutrition strategies to achieve the goals that most interest you.  


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