Indoor pollutants also affect endocrine function and health.  But a stronger digestive system that eliminates food intolerances and prioritizes gut healing foods can help make you resilient against every kind of environmental pollutant.



The response to POOP month has been overwhelming!  Turns out Poop is everyone's favourite topic -- not just mine!  Truth be told - I'm not surprised. 

Poop is like sex.  When it's good, it's gooooooood!

And when it's bad -- it just leaves you feeling grumpy & unsatisfied.

So, that's why on TUESDAY, JANUARY 10th, I'm launching:


This 2-week re-set is for people who want to kick off their New Year by getting rid of all their old gut-junk and starting fresh! 

This is more than a detox.  This is the poop and the dietary lifestyle you've always wanted!

And until January 31st, I'm offering it at a bargain of HK$450 (regular price HK$1200).

It includes:

  • A two-week REALISTIC & DELICIOUS meal plan for improving digestion & facilitating detoxification PLUS dietary guidelines to follow so that you can keep to the plan even when travelling or out for business meals.
  • Over 25 POOPtastic, family-friendly recipes for the meals suggested in the plan,  specifically crafted for gut-healing and improving digestion.
  • Recipes come with information on exactly how they impact and benefit detoxification & digestion so that you are armed with the tools to create your own gut healing recipes.
  • A targeted supplement protocol that includes my secret weapons to help you slough away all your gut-junk and lower gut inflammation.
  • A list of my favourite grocery suppliers in Hong Kong so you know exactly where to buy all the ingredients.
  • Lifestyle recommendations to improve gut motility & detoxification.


  • 25% off your first consult with me to get down & dirty with your specific poop issues (optional add-on, regular price HK$950).
  • 5% off the GI MAP STOOL TEST (optional but highly recommended if you have chronic gut issues, suspect candida or some kind of pathogen, regular price HK$4,750).
  • 5% off BIORNA QUANTICS Food Sensitivities Test (optional but highly recommended to rule out inflammatory foods as triggers for bowel inflammation, constipation, diarrhoea & other forms of bad poops, regular price HK$2,995).
  • 10% off Nuzest Clean Lean Protein & Good Green Stuff.
  • Discounts off professional grade supplements.

What can you expect from this programme:

  • To poop beautiful, elegant, soft, brown poops daily and effortlessly; 
  • To feel more energised and less bloated;
  • To improve your digestion, absorption & detoxification;
  • To kick start a sustainable, healthy diet with a truck load of recipes that will help you achieve all your health & wellness goals for 2017, including sustainable weight loss.

Buy the programme on Tuesday and start it whenever suits you but DON'T kick off this promising year by procrastinating.

Pooping fabulously is a worthy goal for 2017! 

Bad poops are often a symptom of stress, dehydration, digestive insufficiency, bacterial imbalances and/or infection (viral, parasitic or bacterial).   Bad poops are also accompanied by other digestive discomforts:  frequent bloating, burping, tooting, cramps and feelings of exhaustion particularly after meals.  

This is no way to live!  

Left too long, all these bad pooping habits lead to nutritional deficiencies because your gut gets unhealthier and more vulnerable to toxicity.  As a result, your immunity is compromised and over time this could lead to serious illness.  In fact, there is plenty of research that ties autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism to leaky gut; and there is plenty of emerging research that even ties diseases like Alzheimers & Parkinsons to nutritional deficiencies that are rooted in a compromised digestive system.

So, don't let another day go by without fixing your poop!  Go through these profiles now and let me know how your poopy crumbles. 

1. NO POOP: If you regularly skip a day without going to the toilet - this is not normal and not good.  Your gut needs a daily clean in order to stay healthy, make immune cells and serotonin.  Constipation is a sign of food intolerance, dehydration, lack of fibre in the diet, lack of fresh fruits & vegetables and an excess of processed foods.  Regularly constipated individuals have issues detoxing cholesterol, hormones and other fat-soluble compounds like heavy metals from their body.  So if you suffer from high cholesterol, PMS, oestrogen-related illnesses or heavy metal toxicity -- an integral part of the solution is to get your POOP ON with my Reset Programme.

2. GOAT PELLET POOP:  Those tiny round balls make such a splash but are actually the most unsatisfying of all poops.  All that effort and out comes NOTHING. The Goat Pellet is almost always a sign of dehydration and my Programme goes head-to-head to transform this poop. 

3. THIN POOP:  Contrary to popular belief, thin poops do not happen when you eat less.  Unfortunately, thin poops are generally the result of a food intolerance and/or the fact that you are stressed out of your skull and your gut is literally cringing.  Lifestyle changes, like the ones I describe in my Programme, together with eliminating your highly inflammatory foods could make the world of difference.

4. MONSTER THICK POOP: These take a while to make their painful exit and are accompanied by heaves, grunts and fair amount of squinting.  When they finally do emerge, you can't believe that your belly was ever able to house such a monstrosity and you immediately weigh yourself to see if you're actually a few pounds lighter.  These Monster Thick Poops are generally not very smooth and look like a warty bitter gourd or boulderish clumps.  They are a sign of constipation (see#1 above).  This Programme prevents poop from getting impacted in the gut and taking too long to exit.  

5. SLIMY, STICKY POOP:  The kind that sometimes needs a little butt shake to let loose and leaves skid marks on the porcelain.  Slimy, sticky poop is full of undigested fats and is generally foul smelling.  You might notice mucous in it too.  Slimy poop generally also floats to the point that it's embarrassingly impossible to flush down the bowl. Not to mention the amount of toilet paper you have to go through until you get a clean wipe!  This poop is definitely the most antisocial of the lot.  It is a generally a sign of pancreatic enzyme and bile deficiency and it needs sorting out.  The GI MAP test helps you understand how strong your enzyme activity is. And that info together with the dietary, supplementation & lifestyle recommendations in my Programme could make your poop social again.

6. WATERY POOP: A.k.a diarrhea.  If this is you regularly - you need a GI MAP Stool test ASAP.  If this is you on and off for a reason you cannot specify - you also need a GI MAP Stool test ASAP.   You might also need to do some food intolerance testing to determine if something like gluten or dairy (common culprits) is setting your off.  However, you definitely need to rule out bacterial, viral and parasitic infection.  Left unchecked, you can suffer from dehydration and severe nutritional deficiencies.  Let's get you sorted.

Make 2017 your year for fabulous gut health.  GET YOUR POOP ON with me today!  

Sign up now and get Thrive's Signature POOPTASTIC Reset for HKD 450 with all the amazing discounts that come with it!  

Offer expires January 31st, 3017.  After that, it'll be on sale at the regular full price of HK$1200.

Canadian Thrivers interested in this programme, I'm adapting it for the Canadian market and offering it at CDN$50.  Please email me with your interest & questions and I'll hook you up!

If you live outside of Hong Kong or Canada, you can still benefit from this programme. Get in touch so I can do some research in your area and come up with a POOPTASTIC plan for you.

This programme is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.  It also caters more to people who include animal protein in their diet.  If you are vegetarian or vegan and you are interested in this programme, please get in touch.   


Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice.  Need help to stay regular and improve digestion?  Contact her now.

Please join her Facebook group "Thrive Nutrition Practice" for daily articles, recipes, promotions on professional grade supplements and upcoming workshops.






 Thrive Nutrition Practice: fighting the war on smelly toots & poops

 Thrive Nutrition Practice: fighting the war on smelly toots & poops


The Christmas meal weekend approaches and the biggest fear in everyone's mind is:


How will I get through Christmas dinner without undoing my pant button & letting out a very smelly toot or blocking the guest toilet? 


Because inevitably, there's always someone in the gathering who anonymously releases their special scent into the room or leaves to go to the powder room for an unusually long time.  And the problem really is there's not always a baby or a dog to sit next to and blame.

Aren't Christmas holidays the best?  YES THEY ARE!!!  And lucky for you, this three-step plan is is going to help keep you smelling like roses throughout the holiday season.


By the time we turn 40, our body produces less than half the stomach acid it did when we were teenagers.  That is not good news for digestion because less stomach acid means slower digestion.  Slower digestion means more chance of food putrefying in the gut, which leads to smelly toots and poops.  NOT GOOD.  Drinking a glass of water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon stimulates the production of stomach acid and the bitter from the lemon, helps your liver push out bile to emulsify the fats in the food and further improve digestion.


If I know I'm going out for a big heavy lunch or dinner, I make sure to take a little digestive enzyme pill with me and pop it in during my meal.  As we age and our digestive fire decreases, we need a little help with extra rich foods.  Digestive enzymes supplement those your body naturally produces so that you can digest and absorb your food better and more efficiently.  


If ever you needed another reason to cut coffee out of your life - let me tell you, that coffee is a massive contributor of stinky toots & poops.  It halts digestions so that your food just festers in the gut.  Instead of coffee, why not offer your guests a beautifully scented ginger-cinnamon tea to aid digestion, reduce flatulence and lower inflammation in the body.


  • 1 knob of ginger about the length of your index finger, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 4-6 cups of freshly boiled water

Put the ginger and cinnamon in a teapot and pour over the freshly boiled water.  Cover with lid and let steep for 10-15 min.  Serve with some lemon wedges. 

These three steps together with a daily dose of fibre to help boost gut motility and keep you regular will help keep your festive home free of unwanted odours this Christmas.

This is Thrive's last post before Christmas and I'd like to take this chance to thank all of you for reading my blog, for liking mu posts, sharing them and giving me encouragement and feedback.  I love this little community and wish you all a wonderful Christmas.  See you again before New Year!


Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice.  

Please join her Facebook group "Thrive Nutrition Practice" for daily articles, recipes, promotions on professional grade supplements and upcoming workshops.