Good Riddance to Grain-Based Prebiotics!

Recently on Thrive, we have focused a lot of probiotics and their role in optimum gut health.  But here's a little more info on prebiotics, where they come from, why they're important and how much we need. If you think of probiotics as good seeds that you sprinkle into your gut to keep it healthy. PREBIOTICS are like the fertilizer that ensures the seeds proliferate. So including prebiotic foods in your diet is pretty important to create a sustainable little ecosystem of healthy bacteria in your gut.

Part 1: How To Choose a Probiotic & My Trusted Brands

The information in this post represents a summary of my research on probiotics drawn from a variety of sources, which I list at the bottom.  There is A LOT more information on this topic and I encourage you to do your own. Because there is so much good info worth sharing, I'm dividing this post in two parts. This post will address the issue of how to choose a probiotic and which ones I like.  And the next post is going to go more in depth on the specific strains of probiotics and what they are good for so that you can use probiotics to target the health issues you want to address for you & your family.