When the Antibiotic Doesn't Work...

Okay. This is what happened: After 5 days of the antibiotic Augmentin (amoxicillin), my daughter was still complaining that her ear hurt and her hearing had not improved.

So -- back to the doctor we went and he referred us to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist.

My Child is on Antibiotics. Now What?

My oldest daughter started complaining of ear pain last week and by the time I was able to take her to the doctor a few days later, she could barely hear out of one ear.  I tried the garlic oil drops, oregano oil drops...I used my whole arsenal on her.  But guess what? Her hearing wasn't getting any better and she continued to complain of pain.   I'm a nutritionist but I also get scared when healing doesn't happen as fast as I want it to, especially when my daughter's hearing is at stake