Thrive Nutrition Practice focuses on post-natal recovery, digestive healing and blood sugar regulation

  • Canadian trained Nutritionist with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

  • Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (RNCP) with the IONC

  • Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

  • Private consultations in-house or via Skype

  • Corporate seminars with focus on using nutrition to manage stress & increase productivity


My name is Cristina Tahoces, former banker turned nutritionist. I live in Hong Kong but my heart journeys daily to Toronto (my home town) and Spain (my birth right). For years after I had my girls, I limped through the day, battling with adrenal fatigue, debilitating allergies and digestive upsets that would spiral out of control, especially when I was stressed. Until one day, I decided to take control of my own health.  A few years later and with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition under my belt, I embarked on a professional journey to help others thrive.  And in 2016, Thrive Nutrition Practice was born.

Thrive Nutrition Practice is my third baby. I love seeing how nutrition and whole food can transform people’s quality of life.  I am inspired by that change and it drives me to help others.  To help you.  A lot of people associate healthy eating with having to give up every delicious culinary pleasure life has to offer.

I don’t believe in giving anything up. I believe in trading up.

Now, one of my main goals is to help women recover their strength & vitality after giving birth.  Having kids is physically & emotionally depleting and without proper attention, we can develop debilitating health problems that affect our ability to cope successfully with the pressures we face.

I also believe that digestive healing and blood sugar regulation are the secret to thriving and not just surviving through the day.  Nutrition plays an incredible role in how we are able to cope with stress, strengthen our immunity and be productive. 

As a result, not only do I provide private consults, I also develop seminars for corporates, schools & private groups to help people use nutrition to tackle stress management, raise immunity & increase productivity.

My science-based approach to nutrition can help you reach your health goals in a sustainable way.

So, if you are tired of feeling tired

If you’re tired of the bloating, the gas, the post-lunch slump & indigestion

If your allergies or immunity issues are ruining your quality of life

If you’re feeling like a shadow of yourself and you are ready to be all that you can be


I Can Help You Work Out a Plan That's Right For You


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