Healthy employees are happy & loyal employees.

Thrive’s corporate seminars aim to give people control over their health by arming them with nutritional information & practical strategies that are based on science – not fad.


Gone are the days when you can show a food pyramid and tell people to eat their “five a day”.  Your employees need a lot more than that to succeed in today’s competitive, stressful environment. 

Thrive’s Corporate Seminars are custom-made to reflect the needs and priorities of your employees.

My one-hour seminars are packed full of practical knowledge.  Examples of some of the seminars I’ve given in the past are:

  • Good-bye Post-Lunch Slump:  How to Use Nutrition to Increase Productivity in the Workplace
  • How to Detox for Life:  Using Nutrition to Support Your Body’s Daily Detox Regime
  • The Mind-Body Connection:  Nutrition’s Role in Successfully Managing Stress

Contact me today to empower your employees with the nutritional tools they need to lean in and thrive.


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