Poop Like a Champ Even Under Stress

We're closing out "Sleep Love Poop" week with my favourite action of the three: POOP. Maybe it's because I have kids, but I can't say that word without giggling.  Plus, the honest truth is that being constipated is generally the fastest way to feeling grumpy.  And that's because 90% of our feel-good hormone "serotonin" is made in our gut!  Now you know why you feel so rotten when you don't poop and so good when you do! Unfortunately stress can either constipate you or take you to the other extreme.  But this little warm tonic first thing in the morning is what I find helps the most no matter which end of the spectrum you lie on --- AND it has the added benefit of acting as a tonic for your liver.  Because your liver - much like your adrenals - puts in a lot of overtime when you are stressed.

Here's what you need:

  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 4-5 oz warm water (NOT cold. NEVER cold because it stresses your body out.  Picture jumping into a very cold lake and what that does to you!)
  • 1 tspn psyllium hull powder (start with that an increase if you see no action)

Mix, drink quickly and follow with another 8oz of plain warm water.  If you don't drink enough water, the psyllium will get impacted in your gut and will constipate you even more. So do make sure you drink enough throughout the day.

You've all seen posts about the benefits of lemon water. But by supercharging the lemon water with psyllium powder you are giving your liver one tender smooch.  That's because:

  • Psyllium helps get your bowels moving and when you open that back door to detoxification, you are taking a detox load off your liver.
  • Plus the sour taste in lemon helps your liver push out the bile you need to digest fats. Undigested fats cause bloating and floating poops (not fun!).

Fibre, warm water and fresh lemon juice -- give your liver a heartfelt thank you.  AND STAY REGULAR DURING TIMES OF STRESS.


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