Three F-words You Need to Know

You know that cough that just lingers for ever and sounds deep and phlegmy?  We've got a cough like that in Hong Kong -- the pollution cough, they call it.  But I'm sure there are versions of it everywhere in the world.

How do you get that deep, phlegmy cough to just go away?!?

Well - first you're going to use my pooptastic 3-step plan to flush your toxins out.

And then you're going to use good old fashioned Chinese medicine tea to cleanse your body of that excess mucus.   Ready for the three F-words you need to know to make this local brew?


In Chinese medicine, stagnation in your liver leads to "build up-type" illnesses, like excess mucous, constipation and inflammation.

These F-word seeds and herbs work as a tonic for your liver to:

  • boost its detoxifying powers;
  • expel phlegm;
  • cut through excess mucus and clear the body of heat.

And it's going to do all that whilst helping you renew your gastrointestinal lining & reduce inflammation. (You can also buy all these herbs on iherb! Just click on the links...)

Put all the herbs in a pot and add about 850ml of water.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 30min to one hour in a covered pot.  Strain.  Add some stevia or coconut sugar to sweeten and drink 1 cup 2-4 times daily.

This F-rich herbal tea can spell the end to the dreaded Hong Kong cough.


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