Pause & Thrive Team Up to Bring You YOGA NUMBER TWO

                              Thrive Nutrition Practice: Yoga Aids Digestion

                              Thrive Nutrition Practice: Yoga Aids Digestion




Thursday, November 17th, 2016 @6-7pm

Pause Studio, 16/F, Tin On Shing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham St, Central

$320 per person


As you all know, I am slightly POOP obsessed.  If there is one thing guaranteed to put me in the worst mood ever — that is constipation.  So one fine day, I met the lovely Jill Marshall, who introduced me to the power of yoga & the powerful energy it can bring to the digestive system.

She took me through asanas that massaged my adrenal glands so that I immediately felt a wave of love & relaxation flow through my body.  Then, she showed me poses to energise my stomach & liver so as to really increase my digestive fire.  Lastly, we twisted to squeeze out intestinal toxins and increase the flow of beautiful, oxygenated blood into the body.  All this whilst focusing on really breathing and connecting with my inner goddess.

By the end of the hour, I felt zen & energized – all at the same time.  And I thought — THIS IS AMAZING!!!  I have to share this with my fabulous, savvy community of Hong Kong mamas. So, I asked Jill if she could do a special YOGA NUMBER TWO class just for us.

Please join us for a YOGA NUMBER TWO session at her studio on Thursday November 17th at 6pm.  You will learn some amazing yoga techniques that you can do at home to help you improve digestion, bloating and detoxification.

Perfect for women who are looking for ways to :

  • de-stress and support adrenal function;
  • help the liver detoxify, which in turn can help with hormonal re-balancing and acne;
  • relieve constipation and other digestive ails;
  • connect with a community of amazing, savvy, health-conscious ladies.

All people who attend will get an e-booklet with my favourite digestive healing recipes, including my tips for a hangover-free holiday season.

Just in time for the Christmas party season too!

Registration is mandatory and space is limited so please sign up asap.



Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice.  Please join her Facebook group “Thrive Nutrition Practice” for daily articles, recipes, promotions on professional grade supplements and upcoming workshops.