Brexit, Trumpit & Your Health

                 Thrive Nutrition Practice: IF I HAVE HEALTH, I HAVE EVERYTHING

                 Thrive Nutrition Practice: IF I HAVE HEALTH, I HAVE EVERYTHING


Before I left the UK ten years ago to move to HK, I took some British pounds and invested them with the hopes that one day, I'd have a lovely little retirement nest egg to call on in my old age.  Yesterday , the currency depreciation alone annihilated any growth that the investment has seen over the last 10 already volatile years. What on earth does nutrition have to do with Brexit and the financial markets?


We are living much longer than ever before.  And we will need to be gainfully employed for much longer than ever before.  For that, we need to be healthy, strong and energetic.  But the statistics are showing quite the opposite, particularly if we look at the numbers of diseases like Type 2 diabetes -- an illness that is largely the result of a diet dominated by refined carbohydrates & sugar.


Globally, Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and our likelihood of being diagnosed with it increases exponentially as we age.  By the time we are 80 (an age most of us are likely to hit), we are 5x more likely to have diabetes than we are 40.  That's pretty scary because Type 2 diabetes leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, eye, kidney and nerve disease - and the list does not stop there.

So if you're planning out your retirement whilst munching on a bag chips.....

Well, let's just say you are eating yourself into a financial hole because all the profits generated by your investments are going to go straight into health care instead of that dream holiday to Machu Pichu.

We live in financially uncertain times.  And the only thing we can count on to help recover our losses is our health.  Here are my top #SLEEPLOVEPOOP tips to getting through Brexit, Trumpit and whatever else this crazy world throws at us:

  • PROTEIN AT BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER:  Whether it's plant-based or animal-based, it doesn't matter, but your body needs protein for cell regeneration and growth.  Without sufficient protein, your body will not be able to sleep or regenerate properly.  It will not cope with stress properly.  And if you're not able to cope with stress, that means bad decisions are in your future.
  • LIVE FOOD.  I never tire of saying this but if it's in a box or a wrapper or if it's a far cry from anything you would see in nature, I don't care if it says organic, fair trade or home-made.  It's DEAD.  Forget the breakfast cereals, the wrapped children's snacks and the luncheon meats.  Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and food in it's God-given form. Mother Nature did not put energy in a box.  Choose the energy of the sun.
  • FIBRE & WATER:  Your gut health decides how happy you are and how immune you are to foreign invaders.  Worried about virus and disease immigrating into your body leaching your energy and resources?  Building a wall with your take-out food packaging & pop cans is not going to cut it.  Eat vegetables, increase your fibre intake & trade your Coke & fruit juice for water.  Make your gut healthy and happy.  POOP!!!  Doing so daily without effort may even mean you are more open to opportunities for learning, love and positive exchange.

Brexit sucks.  It makes me so sad.  And if Trump gets elected in the fall....that would just be THE PITS.    These are crazy times and my investments are suffering.

But when I hit 80, I'm going to Machu Pichu.  

Who's with me?


Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice.