Thrive Nutrition Practice: IKILLEDMYSUGARBEAST BOOTCAMP

                       Thrive Nutrition Practice: IKILLEDMYSUGARBEAST BOOTCAMP


Today is my birthday.  And I feel better than I have in years!   Why?  Because last summer I killed my Sugar Beast.  And the sweet freedom I have experienced since then has been life changing.

Want to know how I did it?

I have poured everything I know & a whole load of practical know-how into this FOUR WEEK PROGRAMME.

Thrive's Signature  #IKILLEDMYSUGARBEAST BOOTCAMP includes:

  • A complete holistic protocol that provides precise guidance on what you have to do from a dietary, supplementation and lifestyle perspective.
  • A comprehensive nutrition plan, with practical information like meal planning strategies & 20+ recipes that nourish you but starve the yeast that is causing your cravings.
  • A targeted supplementation plan to make sure you heal your gut and support your nervous system through the healing process.
  • Some key lifestyle recommendations that includes the secret thing you can do to activate the same brain receptors in your brain as sugar & fulfil your craving without resorting to that chocolate bar.
  • And for HK residents:  All Thrive clients get a 12% discount at Redwood Health and a 5% discount at Biorna Quantics on all their supplement purchases.  Order by email/online and get it delivered right to your door.  EASY PEASY!
  • WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME FOR A MONTH.  If you live in HK, I will organize a weekly group meet-up to discuss questions & get feedback.  If you're not in HK, you can email me your questions and I'll get back to you in 24hrs.
  • 50% OFF A 90-MINUTE CONSULT WITH ME.  Some Beasts are bigger than others so you might want some extra support to take you beyond the 4 weeks. That's a $500 savings right there!

This comprehensive holistic nutrition programme is valued at HK$1750.  

But for TODAY ONLY I am SLASHING IT BY 60% and offering it for HK$750.

That's LESS THAN the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Are you ready to:

  • lose weight;
  • say goodbye to bloating;
  • have more energy;
  • get great discounts;
  • AND get the most amazing garlic prawn recipe??? PLUS a killer recipe for sugar-free ice lollies.  PLUS many many more!!!



Email me now.

N.B.  This programme is NOT SUITABLE for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.