Thrive's Signature Family Immunity Reboot

Thrive Nutrition Practice is officially open for private consultations. I focus on digestive health in order to help treat the root cause of many immunity issues: from recurring colds & infections to allergies, to other more serious auto-immune conditions.

Seventy percent of our immune cells live in our gut.  So they key to a healthier, stronger family lies in improving digestion.  But how do we do this for our family in a way that's easy, delicious and covers the nutritional needs of each individual member?

The solutions for each family are different but I can help you find and implement them. Thrive's Signature Family Immunity Reboot is a comprehensive programme for parents looking to boost their family's immunity through nutrition and the power of a whole food diet.

This programme includes:

  • 2 Private 90-minute Consultations with the family or parent; 
  • Holistic Nutrition Report: an in-depth analysis of your family's health goals within the context of your family's nutritional profile;
  • Tailor-made Health & Wellness Family Programme that encompasses diet, supplementation & lifestyle;
  • Meal Planning & Recipes with gut-healing recipes and immunity superfoods, which are delicious, adaptable and family friendly; 
  • On-going support to assess progress and keep you moving towards your goals.

Giving you & your children the solid foundation of a whole food diet is fundamental to your quality of life.  

Get strong.  Be happy.  THRIVE.

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Thrive Nutrition Practice is founded by holistic nutritionist Cristina Tahoces, DHN.