Hormones: It's a Blood Sugar Thing

It's funny.  The topic of hormones comes up and the automatic assumption is that it's a "girls only" thing.  A topic only related to periods, emotional issues and hormonal changes, like puberty or menopause. But guess what?  It's not just a girls' thing.  It's a BLOOD SUGAR thing.

Stress and hormonal imbalances are inextricably tied.  Every body in this world reacts to continuous string of stressful events:

the alarm going off, the pre-work rush,

the meetings, presentations, catching that flight, 

balancing the bank books, running those errands for your parents, worrying about our future

getting dinner on the table on time, getting the kids to bed.  

The whole day - our mind is in go-go-go mode and there's no switching off because we're glued to our smartphones.

What's happening behind the scenes is that our body is reacting to each of these events by pumping sugar into our blood so that we can react quickly and think on our feet.  Then our body secretes the hormone insulin to lower our blood sugar and return our body to homeostasis.

The problem is this:

Our body needs a lot of nutritional support to make stress hormones.  Hormones are built like a puzzle out of nutrients like healthy fats, cholesterol, vitamin C and amino acids that come from protein.

Does coffee have any of those above nutrients your body needs to make your                                             stress-coping hormones?  

               How about Cheerios or Kellogg's Corn Flakes?  

               A tomato and cheese sandwich? 

               Fried rice?

No. No. Not really.  And barely.

Our body is a miracle worker but really, it's only a matter of time before it justifiably calls a "time out".  I've already given you my Adrenal Friendly Breakfast - chock full of stress-busting nutrients. My Sauce It post has a number of lunch recipes you can check out.  Plus, my Soporific Salmon recipe is great for calming your body right down after a stressful day at work.  (Click on the links provided for the recipes).

Here's a twist on the Adrenal Friendly Breakfast for children.  Because their lives are stressful too.

  • one boiled egg 
  • apple 
  • your favourite nut or seed butter
  • cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado and/or a small bowl of blueberries

Make the boiled egg (we like the 4 min version - slightly gooey but not too much).  Whilst that is on the go, de-core the apple and cut it into round pieces so that you've got doughnut shaped apple slices.  Spread the nut or seed butter on the apple.  Top with with a few blueberries and put the rest into a small bowl.   You can also serve with a small cherry tomato and avocado salad on the side.  Or an avocado toastie.

This children's breakfast is full of:

  • healthy fats & high quality protein to keep those neurotransmitters firing;
  • fibre to keep them pooping;
  • beautiful raw enzymes & antioxidants to make sure their body is fighting strong against any potential virus attack.

It's also going to keep them full and energized until lunchtime because it's not going to cause a sugar high and slump like breakfast cereal can.

HORMONES & STRESS:  It's not just a girl thing.  It's an every body thing.  It's a blood sugar thing.


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