Tales of the Sugar Beast

Once upon a time, deep within my gut lived a bad but handsome prince called the Sugar Beast.  He called to me every day - mostly twice - in this deeply sensuous voice I couldn't resist....



And like a moth to a flame, I flew to my cupboard door, eyes focused on the prize.  I lovingly unwrapped 2 squares of organic, dark chocolate and fed my beastly Prince.

Now, here's the thing.  Because I didn't eat the whole bar and because it was dark, I fooled myself into thinking for a really long time that I didn't have a sugar problem. But I did.  I couldn't deny the Beast's daily requests.  And when I tried to punish the Beast by denying him his drug, all I could think about was the chocolate I didn't eat.  And at 11pm, when my mind knew this was the worst possible time for me to be eating anything, I sneaked in a square.

People with sugar cravings often also have the following symptoms:

  • bloating after meals;
  • mid-afternoon slumps;
  • cravings for carbs or wine (cuz that's sugar too!);
  • grumpiness or headaches if they wait too long between meals;
  • yeast infections; and 
  • high cholesterol.

In fact, did you know that one of the top things you can do today to keep your cholesterol in check is eliminate sugar from your diet?  

NOT saturated fat. NOT even eggs. SUGAR.

If you've got a sugar addiction that you are looking to control, try this tip:

Take TWO TABLESPOONS of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and mix with 6 oz of water. Stir and drink straight away.  

This will make the Beast recoil and give you a break for a while.  But he will be back. And sooner or later, you're going to want him OUT for good.

Next time on Thrive, we'll be looking at how to kick the Sugar Beast out of your life - FOR GOOD.

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