The Take-Away Breakfast

We continue the week with recipes to accomplish our number #1 goal:

To eat clean, healthy live food. 

This is a hard goal to achieve because so many of us are pressed for time.  One of the latest fads to hit the "healthy-eating-on-the-run" scene is the mason jar meal.

Seems like you can put anything in a mason jar these days and call it "healthy".  

The danger with mason jar breakfasts is that it's too easy to forget the protein -- and the protein bit is ESSENTIAL for blood sugar regulation and energy maintenance.  If you just use fruit & oatmeal or other grains -- this mix could get your body firing insulin, which creates energy slumps and fat storage.

But there is no doubt that the mason jar breakfast is highly practical!

So, I thought I'd share this breakfast recipe with you, perfect for the mason jar breakfast and all of us who can't have breakfast at home.  It came to be when I was trying out ways to make grain-free porridge for my youngest daughter who suffers from eczema.  I wanted a porridge that was:

  • fibre rich for regular, well-formed poos;
  • rich in Essential Fatty Acids for skin lubrication & lowering inflammation in the body;
  • protein rich to sustain energy until lunchtime;
  • totally gluten and grain free because I wanted to source carbs from fruits & vegetables to add more antioxidants & live nutrients to her diet.

You will need a tiny blender or chopper.  I use this:


These ingredients are for a single portion but  I make a big batch and keep it in a big mason jar so I can use throughout the week.

Also -- I'm going to give you TWO VERSIONS of this porridge.  One grain-free and one that is oatmeal based for those of you who have nut allergies or are just wondering how you can trade up your porridge without going totally grain-free.


  • 2  heaping tbspns mixed finely chopped nuts & seeds (I like an almond, pecan & hemp seed blend.)
  • 1 heaping tspn flaxmeal
  • 2 tspn chia seeds
  • 1 tbspn shredded coconut
  • 1/2 tspn cinnamon
  • 1/2 tspn raw cacao (optional but popular with the kids)
  • fruit of choice (I find berries, banana, apple sauce & mango work best)
  • 1.5 tbspn Great Lakes gelatin powder(Don't buy a substitute.  This is the only one that dissolves without getting clumpy.  If you have a protein powder you like you could also use 1 scoop of that instead.  I personally haven't found one that is delicious and I find them expensive so I like to use this gelatin powder instead because it is tasteless).

Put the nuts & seeds of choice into your mini blender and whiz until it's the consistency you like. Put the mixed nuts and the rest of your ingredients in your mason jar (except the fruit which you can put in a small tupperware to add later).  At work, just add freshly boiled water, stir until blended making sure to break up any clumpy chia seeds.


Same as above but just SUBSTITUTE THE NUTS WITH 3 TBSPN OF OATMEAL.  No need to whiz in blender.

The remaining ingredients add more fibre, healthy fats and energetic spices to the breakfast.

You'll have to play around with how much hot water you put in (for both versions) depending on how thick you want it.  But I'd start with covering the contents of the jar & see how you go.  You can also use hot milk (or non-dairy equivalent) but I find it is rich and tasty enough with just water. Cheaper too. Also, you may notice I don't suggest putting in a sweetener.  The nut version is sweet enough for me.  The oatmeal version would benefit from a bit maple syrup or you could always chop up 1 date and put it in with the dry ingredients.

Top with your favourite choice of fruit.

Satisfying, warm porridge with:

  • plenty of fibre to help you poop;
  • collagen to keep your skin plump;
  • live nutrients and antioxidants to build immunity;
  • protein to keep you motoring; and
  • healthy fats to keep your heart strong & your hormones balanced.

Next time on Thrive - clean, healthy dinner options!

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