"Plain & Simple": Your Nutrition Revolution

The people have spoken: 

You want to eat healthy but struggle with all the hard-to-get ingredients and the time it takes to make the dishes.  

Because who has time to sprout, ferment, dehydrate & keep the pantry stocked with a million different powders & flours which may hardly get used.


That's NOT how I run my kitchen.  I run my kitchen according to the following simple, family health goals:

  1. To eat clean, live food -- as Mother Nature intended.
  2. To nourish our body so that it is capable of dealing with our fast-paced, stressful life.
  3. To eat meals that build our immunity and make us happy. 

Clean, stress-fighting, immune-building food that is delicious and helps us thrive.


I've spent years working out exactly how to accomplish these goals in the most time and cost-efficient way possible. It's been a big priority because my youngest child has eczema, I've battled with debilitating post-partum allergies, adrenal & immunity issues; and when my girls were younger, the whole family was sick - all the time. I got tired of the antibiotics, the steroid creams and ubiquitous pink liquids I kept getting from doctors. So we said : "Enough."

Because we all want control over our health.  And we want it on our own terms.

Today, my daughter's eczema has largely subsided, my allergies are all but gone and when we do get sick (which is not that often), we are strong enough to beat the infection without it spiralling into antibiotic hell or bringing everyone down.  We've achieved this purely through whole food nutrition and some supplementation.  And I want to share everything I've learned on my personal journey and professional education with you.

So let me help you with your own Nutrition Revolution.  

It's so easy when you are empowered with the right information. 

Next on Thrive:  Goal #1: Clean, live food recipes for the whole family.

Thrive Nutrition Practice launches Spring 2016