Cristina takes a practical and no nonsense approach which is underlined with an obvious passion to get clients to optimal health.  Working with her you won't get false promises or shortcut tracks but rather expert coaching which helps clients to get empowered in taking charge. I am on a personal journey to Thrive with Cristina's help and am also looking forward to working with her professionally.

-- Sofie Jacobs

My toddler daughter has severe eczema and Cristina has been such a key person in helping us navigate the host of health issues that eczema brings.  She helped us set up a realistic elimination diet plan and gave us straightforward and practical advice on how to overhaul her diet to pack as much nutrition as possible without leaving us with the feeling of deprivation.  I have come across countless health professionals, and Cristina really stands out as one of the best, most holistic and caring ones. 

-- June L., Hong Kong, August 2016