Want to have access to friendly advice from a nutritionist and workshop some solutions to nutrition problems you are facing now? 

Get a group of friends together and let’s find answers to your health challenges.   



These 90-minute, privately-run workshops can be held in your home, clubhouse or other suitable location and include:

  • A “science behind nutrition” lesson on your topic of choice so that you are empowered with the right information to make the right choices for you & your family;
  • Practical recommendations that are value-for-money & family-friendly;
  • Q&A to apply all this new information to you and your unique challenges.  

My most popular workshops include:

  • Zero Sick Days: Raising Your Child’s Immunity
  • Eliminating Bloating & the Post-Lunch Slump
  • Hormonal Balancing and Living PMS Free
  • Life After Kids: Using nutrition to battle baby brain, raise energy levels and have sex again



Do you struggle to make healthy, whole food meals because you are foiled by missing ingredients?  Is your pantry a graveyard of random flours, powders & superfoods that you’ve only used once?  Do you want to build a practical, healthy pantry and turn your kitchen into your “happy place”? 

This 90-min workshop will teach you:

  • How to stock a nutrient-rich fridge, freezer & pantry with ONE trip to the supermarket;
  • How to store foods so that they keep fresher longer;
  • How to read labels;
  • How to whip up healthy, nutrient-rich, delicious snacks in minutes;
  • Meal planning & other time-saving tips.

All participants will also receive a copy of Thrive’s “My Kitchen. My Happy Place”, which includes:

  • Thrive’s list of Pantry Essentials & where you can buy them.
  • A collection of healthy recipes that prioritize your nutrient-rich pantry items so that you actually use what you’ve got.  No waste! 
  • A collection of egg-free, wheat-free, refined sugar-free & dairy-free recipes that you can use for muffins, cakes & pancakes.
  • A weekly meal plan example using the whole foods which are now a part of your kitchen.

This workshop is open to domestic helpers. 

I can also run this workshop privately in your own home if you have special allergy & dietary constraints that require specific attention.  I will then adapt “My Kitchen. My Happy Place” to your specific needs.  Contact me to discuss further.  


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