This is Thrive’s Signature Programme for blood-sugar regulation.

Thrive launches this bootcamp world-wide twice a year at a special discounted rate:





This programme lasts for ONE MONTH and is ideal for those who:

  • Want to gain control over their regular and powerful sugar cravings;
  • Have a tendency to feel faint or unwell if they go too long between meals;
  • Want to kick-start a healthier eating regime to lower their risk for type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar symptoms;
  • Have yeast overgrowth in their gut and would like to start using whole foods as a tool for digestive healing;
  • Want to eat whole-food, family-friendly recipes using easy-to-find ingredients; 
  • Want to lose weight sustainably without starving;
  • Enjoy the support of a group network to share challenges and keep committed.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive nutrition plan, with practical information like meal planning strategies & 20+ recipes that nourish you but starve the Beast that is causing your cravings.
  • A targeted supplementation plan to make sure you begin the gut healing process and support your nervous system throughout the programme.
  • Key lifestyle recommendations that includes the best thing you can do to activate the same brain receptors in your brain as sugar & fulfil your cravings without resorting to that chocolate bar.
  • WEEKLY COACHING BRIEFS FROM ME FOR A MONTH. Every week, you will receive a coaching brief from me with your goals for the week.  Evicting the Sugar Beast is done step-by-step, building on incremental change.  
  • 50% OFF A 90-MINUTE CONSULT WITH ME.  Some Beasts are bigger than others so you might want some extra support to take you beyond the 4 weeks.  

And for HK residents:  

All Thrive clients get a discount off selected professional grade discounts with partner health foods stores across Hong Kong.  


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